Car rental

Rent a car safe, fast and easy - Rent your car at Bilkompaniet in Mora Leksand and Malung, Province Dalarna - Dalecarlia - in Sweden.

Bilkompaniet Offers a big selection of rentalcars.
From small cars up to minibusses.

If you need to hire a car for a longer or shorter period, we welcome you to contact us for the price.

Rent a Car during repair

If you leave your car for repair, we offers a small car for 250 sek/day or a bigger car for 300 sek/day + fuel.
100 free km is included/day


Contact Bilkompaniet car rental today. We want to solve your requirements of transportation in the the best way.

Mora Tfn: +46 250-288 85
Open mo-fr 07-17 Week 26-33 må-fr 07.00-16.15
Leksand Tfn: + 46 247-449 03
Open mo-fr 07-17 Week 26-33 må-fr 07.00-16.15 closed for Lunch 12.00-12.45.

Malung Tfn: +46 280-445 03
Open mo-fr 07-1
6:15  Summerclosed week 29-30

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